5 Reasons Why Veterans Make Capable, Powerful Entrepreneurs

American veterans are some of the most competent, trusted individuals. In the past, many of them ventured into business and found great success. Currently, approximately 2.45 million firms in the U.S belong to those who have served, so if you’re a veteran and thinking of getting into business then you are in good company. There are several reasons you should start a business. Read on for the five top reasons.

Significant Expertise

Many veterans know that they have skills from their service, but sometimes they have trouble translating their service into job skills. However, you shouldn’t feel bad or inadequate. Military service has equipped you with lots of valuable skills that you can use in the business world. It has given you the required foundation in several fields, including healthcare, operations, technology, and communications. If you wonder how you can put your unique talent and training to work for you, don’t worry. Your perspective of life, ability to sacrifice your comfort to achieve your goals, integrity, and courage are the qualities that will work in your favor. Remember to stick to your passion and invest in what interests you most.

Receive Professional Guidance Well

As a veteran, it can feel like sometimes you’re alone and that no one understands the experiences you’ve had. Although your particular experiences are unique to you, there are many who have gone through similar experiences. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and need help to get started on your new life, or are in need of some guidance, then please know that you have many sources of reliable information. The government can offer you free counseling and mentoring services if you need. Check out the Small Business Development Center, and you will learn about several programs that can be of great help to you and other veterans in your local community.

Access to Additional Financing

Most potential entrepreneurs cannot start viable businesses due to lack of capital. However, for a veteran like you, you can take advantage of various favorable loan options. The Small Business Administration gives VA loans such as SBA express, the SBA’s 7(a), and military reservist economic injury disaster loans to veterans, their wives, or their widows. According to VA Loan Rates, the amount you can borrow with a VA loan is based on how much of your loan the VA is willing to guarantee. Limits vary across the country and can even vary between neighboring counties. You can also get a VA student loan. As such, you can make the most of financing for veterans and a start a flourishing business.

Highly Adaptable and Able to Cope with Stress

Many veterans understand the sometimes crushing effects of stress, but they have persevered and pushed through, overcoming in the end. Not only that, but due to the nature of their work, many veterans are used to doing many different tasks at once, and also being trained on a variety of different skills. As an entrepreneur you have to wear many hats and do many things at once, which is something you are perfectly equipped to do after your service. They are also excellent examples of doing the job even if it’s hard or undesirable, making them perfect for running their own business where doing hard things is part of the job description.

Create Useful Professional Networks

You have people who understand you and can help you start a business. The chief executive officers of some of these organizations such as GoDaddy and FedEx are some of them. Network with veterans in your industry, and reap the benefits.

As a veteran, you have the potential to leverage your experience and start a successful business. From training opportunities to access special loans, there are open doors that make entry into the business world easier for you. Don’t allow anything to hold you back. Start your own business whenever you want, you just need to be confident and sure in yourself.

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