5 Things You Have Laying Around the House That Could Be Worth Some Quick Cash

If you’re short on cash, you could be wondering if there is anything that you can do to get your hands on some extra money. What you might not realize, however, is that you might have a few things lying around your home that are actually worth some cash. These are a few things that you might already have and that you may be able to turn into some much-needed money, whether you’re running a little short on paying a bill or if you just need some extra cash to get by.

1. Music Albums

Nowadays, you might not listen to a lot of music albums—whether on vinyl or in your CD player—and instead, you might rely on digital music. However, you may be able to trade your old vinyl records or CD’s in for cash at a local pawn shop, or you might be able to find buyers for them online.

2. Stamps

If you’ve got old stamps lying around, consider looking them up online. You might have some that are surprisingly valuable. There are a lot of people out there who collect stamps, and you might be surprised by just how valuable some stamps can be.

3. Gold Teeth

If you have any old gold teeth lying around in your jewelry box, you should know that they can be worth cash money. You might already know that gold jewelry is worth money and can be sold to gold buyers, but what you might not know is that most dental products are 11.5 karats of gold. If you take your old gold teeth to a pawn shop or gold buyer, you might get a nice little chunk of cash.

4. Trading Cards

If you ever collected baseball cards, Pokemon cards or any other type of collectible cards, consider looking them up online. Some of them aren’t worth much nowadays, but some of them are worth a surprising amount of money. You might be sitting on your old miniature goldmine without even realizing it, particularly if your cards have been kept in good condition.

5. Sewing Patterns

If you ever started sewing but quickly lost interest in the hobby, you might have some old sewing patterns lying around. Believe it or not, you might be able to sell these to others who are still interested in sewing for a decent amount of cash.

These are just some of the things that you might have lying around your home that could be worth some cash. With a little bit of creativity, you might be surprised by what you might have lying around that could help you get by in a pinch.

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