How to Get More Tips Driving for Uber or Lyft

According to Uber, drivers made more than $600 million in tips in one year. If you are a fellow Uber or Lyft driver, how can you leverage your time to increase your tips?

In this article, I will show you some simple tricks and strategies you can deploy in your A-game and you’ll be making more tips in no time!

iPhone and Android Charger

A low-cost iPhone and/or Android charger can make all the difference to the passenger. More often than not, passengers always need a recharge for their phones and they’ll be thanking you in no time for coming to their rescue.

Bonus points if your USB outlet doubles as an auxiliary cord so your passengers can jam out in your car. This may also improve your rating for being the hip driver that you are.

Bottled Water

Amenities such as water can go a long way in helping your tipping game. Not only will your passenger will feel refreshed and comfortable, they will most likely feel oblige to either tip or tip more. In addition, investing in bottles cost very little money especially if you buy them in bulk in places like Costco.


This totally depends on what kind of drivers you are. If eating food in the car is a pet peeve to you, you might want to skip this one. Everybody else, let’s continue… Similar to the strategy of bottled water, famished passengers will appreciate the pick-me-up and will reciprocate the kindness in tips and ratings. I recommend you purchase the snacks in bulk thru Costco for the best discount.

Add a Sign

A lot of rookie drivers are shy about having a tip sign in their cars and some even fear that it can negatively affect their ratings. Although it’s not all unfounded, putting up a tip sign can increase your chances in making more tips if you display it intelligently. For starters, you can have a sign that tells customers that tipping is not required, but always appreciated. From there, you can get clever with your messaging or you can check out some nicely designed tip signs here.

Remember, if you are going to have a tip sign, make sure you bring your A-game in amenities:

  • Charging cable – iPhone and/or Android
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks
  • Excellent customer service

Try to anticipate your passenger’s needs and provide the best service you can. This is how you can set yourself apart from the rookie and watch the tips roll in!

Be Courteous

I know this is a no-brainer, but when passengers ask you how much they should tip you, be courteous and thoughtful with your answer. The tip amount should go hand-in-hand with how comfortable you make your passengers feel. Again, charging cable, bottled water, and/or snacks to start. Also, don’t act entitled when discussing tips, remind the passengers that tipping is optional, but is always appreciated.

Play Peaceful Music (for the most part)

As reported by some drivers, playing light jazz or classical music seems to increase your chance of getting tips from your passengers. If you have Spotify, I recommend the Coffee Table Jazz or Classical Essentials. During the evening, especially Friday and Saturday night, you might want to switch it up to some party playlist to ramp up the mood for your passengers.

Keep Your Car Clean

“I’m going to tip my driver for his dirty car.” -Says No Passenger Ever
Remember no one likes to get in a dirty, smelly car. Keep your vehicle fresh, clean, and welcoming. If you transport pets in your vehicle, be sure to clean your seats thoroughly of pet hair. Some passengers are allergic to animals and this may negatively impact your rating and tips. And having pet hair all over your clothes as you go to a business meeting or on a date just feels dirty. To keep your car smelling fresh and clean, I highly recommend Carall Glare Luxury Car Air Freshener.

Bonus Item

Gridwise is a free rideshare analytics tool that can help you in earning more while you’re on the road. It can give you insight on when to make a airport run based on arriving and departing passengers in the airport. It can show you what the airport queues look like before you arrive.

Gridwise features:

  • Alerts to events in your driving area so you can leverage surge pricing
  • Money made between Uber and/or Lyft
  • Your per hour rate
  • Trips per hour
  • Mileage driven

These metrics will make filing for taxes a breeze when Uncle Sam comes knocking! With all this powerful data, you should be able to get more rides and increase your odds of getting tips, and grow your bottom line.

Keep Your Receipts

Remember to keep your receipts.

All the items above:

  • Charging cables
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks
  • Car Detailing

are all tax deductible since it is work-related, but be sure to check with your tax advisors for the latest city, state, and federal regulations.

Best time for Tippers

The most popular time when passengers tip the most:

  • Thursday around 8:12pm
  • Friday
  • Saturday around 10:33pm
  • Sunday around 5:17am

Closing Remarks

Working for Uber or Lyft is a great way for a side-hustle or full-time job if you like driving.
To get started with Uber, you can sign up here.
You can sign up for Lyft here.

Bonus Bonus Item

But wait, I don’t have a car nor can I afford one. I got you cover here. Uber and Lyft have strategic partnerships with various rental car companies. You can rent a car and start driving almost immediately. Now that you’re armed with strategies on how to make more tips, you’ll be setting yourself apart from the herd. Click here for Uber rentals and here for Lyft rentals. Start driving today and take a chunk of that $600 million for yourself!

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